About me… well that depends on who you ask.  My wife of 15 years and three young children would say that I’m a family man, and they’d be correct.  We can be seen boating, camping and fishing as one does when living in Queensland, Australia.

Professionally I have been working at airports since I was a teenager in my school holidays earning pocket money as a spanner boy.  With family in the aviation business it was inevitable that I find myself here, working for a helicopter operator supporting the offshore energies companies.

Study, in one form or another has never really stopped for me and I can’t remember an extended period where I haven’t been studying for an exam or test of some description, mostly centred around work.  The hoops one must jump through in the aviation game are relentless but it becomes the norm and since my apprenticeship days its all I’ve known.  I suppose I have it to thank in a way for putting me in the right head-space to complete my masters degree and now, nervously, dipping my toes into the pool of PhD research.  I enjoy research, as much as one can enjoy sitting in front of a computer for hours reading and writing, but I think I have a knack for it and I enjoy the process of delivering a paper that quietly, I’m quite chuffed with.

My PhD research will be part-time.  As much as the idea of immersing myself into full-time research appeals to me, my bank manager is a tiresome man and likes me to pay the mortgage on time.  My university supervisor quipped that full-time students have the time but not the money, and part-time students have the money but not the time, and this will be the juggle for me as it has been for every part-time student before me I’m sure.  Getting the work life balance between family, work and research over the next 6 years will be one of many hurdles, however I recently read about someone completing her PhD despite having twins and part time work commitments!  So I will persevere.

Graeme Day.