First blog post

I’ve never blogged before.  If truth be told I can’t ever recall reading a blog in its entirety before either.  I feel guilty in a way that I’m stepping into an area outside of my age bracket by blogging, as if somehow it’s reserved exclusively for Millennials.  Despite my initial (and misplaced) unease, I am starting this blog under advice from a book I’m reading on how to do research projects and I liked the idea of keeping a journal both to help those following in similar footsteps, and also for my own record and progress.  For my masters degree research paper I received feedback suggesting that “much of the paper reads more like a treatise or a text book.  The writing style whilst getting your points across… is more akin to a management report or manual than an academic piece of work”.  If I am to write in my ‘natural’ style then about my work this blog will allow for that, and my academic supervisors will be treated to ‘just the facts, ma’am’.